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Data Playlist Buddy Collects

About the only data Playlist Buddy stores is your Spotify username to identify your account for Playlist Buddy Live. Other than that, WE DON’T STORE any of your Spotify data, your name, email, or anything that could be used to personally identify you. Your privacy is important to us so we’ve adopted a policy of retaining as little information as possible to keep your information safe. Thank you and happy converting.

In the future, we may allow users to opt into playlist syncing which would require storing your playlist information. If we decide to do that, we will likely store it in your browser’s storage or have you keep track of the CSV files to keep it secure and private.

Username Deletion

If you are paid user and you would like your username removed from the Playlist Buddy Live database, please send an email to with your Spotify username. We will likely implement a button which you can use to remove your username from the Playlist Buddy Live database.


If you have paid for Playlist Buddy Live, you can request a refund at any time and we will gladly process the refund. Please request your refund through PayPal and we will process the request as soon as possible.

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